We are rebuilding & switching web hosting service.

Its clear to us now since numbers are down that changes needs to be done to the website. We originally wanted to add more content to the website but have been limited with the tools that we have. The website was built to only host the nuke codes & not much more. There for all work on the site has been put on hold as we plan on a rebuilding & switch server host. Because of this all the services we wished to make to you have been put on hold. If you wish to see the status of our work. You can look at our trello here.


Other Services?

That’s correct! We currently have a few people working on other services. The Website launched as “The Enclave Database” which is just a website for hosting nuke codes. It grew into something bigger and the community was and still is very supportive. So we decided to take the website a step further. We decided to start working on other services. We noticed a lack of some information on the fallout wiki pages like factions or vendors in fallout 76. So we asked our community on discord what they wanted to see next and we got our answers!

Oh! Before you head on down! Are you curious about our active development? Well check out our trello!

Hemlock Holes Maintenance.PNG

I need supplies…



We just released workshops! You can head on over right now!


Creatures of the wastes

The Deathclaw

Creatures of the wastes

We have been currently roaming the dangerous wastes on a quests to gather the most dangerous and weird creatures up close for some beautiful shots while getting detailed information about each creature like strengths, weaknesses and more. This project will take some time however.

While this project might be far off. The community has gather almost all of the creatures for us in our discord! This includes both images and stats. This will help a lot during the initial page creation for each creature. Thank you again to people on our discord!

Missile Silo Charlie.PNG

Where is that nuclear keycard again…

Guide to launching nukes

Guide to launching nukes

This is a project we really want to get in your hands! There has been some requests for a guide to launch nukes for both beginners and the casuals. It will involve all the steps on how to launch a nuke from becoming a member of the Enclave, becoming a general, what to expect in the silos, what weaknesses to expect from the enemy and how to efficiently launch a nuke! This is something we hope to start working on soon around January.


What can I help you with



While the image itself might not be pretty. Don’t worry. We are working on vendor pages that we hope will help! We will be making a list of all the Vendors all across Appalachia and what faction they belong to so you know what vendors to sell to and which ones to avoid if you have already been selling at the same faction vendor.

Do you see yourself as a experienced person in photoshop or other image editing software and want to help? Join our discord!

and here we are

As you can see this is just a sneak peak of what we currently have plans for which there is a ton more! However this is work that takes time since non of us are working on this full time, so please be patient and we will do the best we can. If you want to help us progress our work to get this out faster. Don’t hesitate to help us in our discord! Thank you again!