Q: What is this website about?

A: Bethesda decided to encrypt all nuke codes with keyword ciphers. For those of us that can easily figure this out. It is a cool feature but seeing as people have a hard time already with Fallout’s terminal hacking. This website was created for those who just don’t wish to do all the work. We are however working on other projects for this website as well!

Q: I noticed there is no ads on the website

A: This is correct! This is a community website! We don’t need any pesky ads! It makes the website load slower for those with slow internet speeds. If you want to support the website. You can donate if you so wish. Donating is not required at all however. Donating goes to keeping the website up and running

Q: Is this an official website by bethesda

A: No. This is a garage project as some might call it. This website is by the community for the community. Its constantly being worked on, though not as fast as we would wish to. We have lives we need to live and put time into this website when we have some free time to do so.

Q: Can I contribute a nuke code?

A: You certainly can! You can either join our discord and post it in #nuke-code-contributions or send a email up in the right corner called Contact. However, as you might have seen. The codes are cracked very fast as of late. If a code is missing. Still feel free to contribute!

Q: How are the codes cracked so fast?

A: Well thanks to NukaCrypt actually. They gather around every week during code reset to gather the code pieces and decrypt the codes! Without them the codes would most likely take another day to crack.

Q: Can I contribute to the website?

A: Yes you can! We need all the help we can get. We are looking for coders within Python or JavaScript. For those of you with no coding experience. Don’t worry! We do need your help to! We have contribution projects that we need help with to! Sometimes we need help with taking pictures or gathering information on certain topics. Join our discord and help us out!