Q: What is this website about?

A: Bethesda decided to encrypt all nuke codes with keyword ciphers. For those of us that can easily figure this out. It is a cool feature but seeing as people have a hard time already with Fallout’s terminal hacking. This website was created for those who just don’t wish to do all the work.

Q: I noticed there is no ads on the website

A: This is correct! This is a community website! We don’t need any pesky ads! It makes the website load slower for those with slow internet speeds.

Q: Can I contribute a nuke code?

A: You certainly can! You can either join our discord and post it in #nuke-code-contributions or send a email up in the right corner called Contact. However, as you might have seen. The codes are cracked very fast as of late. If a code is missing. Still feel free to contribute!

Q: How are the codes cracked so fast?

A: Well thanks to NukaCrypt actually. They gather around every week during code reset to gather the code pieces and decrypt the codes! Without them the codes would most likely take another day to crack.

Q: Why haven’t there been any new updates to the website? I thought you said you guys had plans for more!

A: We do but we are also university students who have to juggle both studies, work to keep an income & a social life. We try the best we can but sometimes it doesn’t always go the way we want. Even after traffic went down on the website drastically. We felt unmotivated so we sat back down to relax and focus on our lives first. We still from time to time discuss and work on other solutions. We currently got 2 plans we want to do but are not sure if we have time to do:

  1. Switch server host and rebuild the website. We are currently running the server on square space which is super helpful but very cost heavy. So we want to rebuild the website on a different hosting service.

  2. Discord bot. You might be thinking. Wait what? This makes quite a lot of sense to us. Once our studies are close to finish. We will be challenged by school to program something for 3 months and present it. So why not a discord bot centred around the site? It would host the nuke codes and other admin tools. It will also be available to everyone to add it to their discord server!